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My wife and I wish to sell a single family house we own to the current renters and rather than deal with a real estate company we wish to transact the sale privately. As a result we would very much appreciate recommendations for excellent and experienced attorneys in this area who would handle the paperwork for a fixed cost. Many thanks.

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A realtor can facilitate a private sale. I did this when I sold my condo to the renter, and my current neighbors made their home purchase with a realtor in a private sale.

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We bought our house through a private sale in October 2017. We used Brett Weinstein at Realty Advocates. You don't actually need a lawyer -- they charged us a flat fee that we split with the sellers (if I remember correctly, it was $2800 each -- 5.5 years ago). It was super easy and painless.

Best of luck and as someone being on the buying side, I admire you for doing a private sale -- it made it possible for us to buy a house in Berkeley!

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We had a very good experience with a private sale using Jean Shrem.

Her office is in El Cerrito.

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We used realty advocates in south berkeley when we bought our house from our former landlord and recommend them: They handled the paperwork and transaction for $2,000 which we split the cost for.