IEE: help me find neurodiversity-affirming psychoed, SLP and OT

I  would appreciate some advice regarding an IEE assessment. More specifically, I am looking for psychoeducational, OT, and speech assessments for my 4.9 yo in the Albany school district. I was given a list of practitioners within the North Region SELPA, yet I am unsure if those practitioners are neurodiversity-affirming. Ideally, I am looking for anti-ABA practitioners who are not focused on behavioralism. I am looking for an SLP familiar with Gestalt language processing and NLA (natural language acquisition) for speech. I am looking for a therapist familiar with Dr. Ross Greene's CPS method for OT. I know everything is very specific, but I hope to find the right practitioners for a thorough evaluation.

On top of that, my school just denied one psychoeducational therapist I have chosen because in the review of her credentials, unfortunately, she does not meet our SELPA  criteria for being able to conduct a school-based psycho-educational evaluation as she does not have her credential as a school psychologist or her license as an educational psychologist.

Quote" the reason our SELPA board policy details the credentials required for completing a psychoeducational evaluation is to ensure we’re adhering towards the individuals with disabilities education act and providing students with an assessment to determine eligibility for special education. Credentialed School psychologists and licensed educational psychologists are trained and equipped to assess students through the ones of special education and the individuals with disabilities education act. "

I am very thankful for any input on this matter!

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Hi there! My daughter worked with Supreet. My daughter is "high functioning autism, but was a Gestalt language processor. She would repeat things she heard on TV, songs, etc. Supreet is trained in Gestalt language processing and so lovely to work with. The occupational therapists who work in the same space with her are amazing as well. I was able to work with ERita after being on a waitlist for a couple months.