Help with toe walking!

Hi folks,

We have a 5.5 year old who toe walks about 50-60% of time when he is on his feet. We are desperately trying to find a specialist who can actually help with this or hear from anyone on this network who has been successful with remedies, any centers or any particular specialist.

Our kid has sensory processing and integration difficulties for which we see an OT, we have also done visual therapy to improve eye tracking, depth perception etc. and we have tried physiotherapy as well, although for a short time and an hour a week, nothing seems to be making much of a difference. The toe walking definitely has a sensory element to it but now its become a habit and second nature that by default he is on toes unless reminded, which is all the time. As he is growing his peers are starting to notice it and also question it. We dont want to leave it to luck that one day the habit will go away and want to make sure we try everything to help our kiddo. Appreciate any advice/help here.


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