Help With Social Skills!

I am looking for some recommendations for classes/one one one sessions, or just some ideas for my 6th grade, soon to be 13 year old, daughter.  By appearance she is a pretty standard kid, plays sports, has friends, gets good grades ...  but I notice that she has little issues arise with different friends, sometimes big issues (right now one girl hates her and is trying to get others to talk about her too - she said she hasn't really done anything to this girl but the girl says she is annoying (I think she might be)).  I occasionally monitor her and her older brother's phones and I notice that she doesn't seem to always know how to act with friends.  She say "you can come if you want" when really she is trying to invite someone to do something.  She kind of lies, or tells funny half truths too ... she posted a kind of funny pic of a friend on TikTok and one girl said "hey, why did you post that?" and she said "I didn't" and the friend said "???"  Of course she posted it, so what did that mean?  She is big in on the gossip as they all seem to be, when I've forever talked about staying clear of gossip.  She sometimes acts dumb, asks really dumb questions when the situation or answer is clear (it really annoys her brother and I can see why). This one is kind of weird, I can see kids wondering what she is doing.  She also interrupts all the time and doesn't pay attention to what friends are saying so doesn't respond correctly and then may tell an off topic story of her own while people sit there wondering what she is doing.  I've talked to her about really listening to friends, asking them questions, learning about them.   When I ask her about her friends she doesn't seem to know too much about them. She knows a bit but doesn't seem to really listen or to be super close with anyone.  I don't know if I haven't been a good role model in all of this, although I do have good friends, or if she just doesn't really know how to do this but I'm not sure how to help her.  I've given her some tips and I've told her that being truthful with friends is the most important thing ... but I see the same behaviors and I worry that by high school she won't really have any close friends.  Any thoughts from all of you wise parents out there?  Thank you. 

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