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Hello, I'm looking for recommendations for a functional medicine doctor for my 75-year old mother. She has, among other things, osteoarthritis, high blood pressure, low sodium levels, and a poorly functioning kidney, some of which seems to have been caused by various medicines she's been prescribed. She sees a long list of specialists but I'm not convinced that any of them are looking at her health holistically or considering the new problems they may be creating with the solutions they provide. Thank you for any recommendations. We are in the East Bay (Berkeley area) but willing to travel.

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My mother has similar health problems, and it has been challenging finding doctors who will take the time to understand all of her issues and medications.  Currently, we have had good luck working with Gurpreet Boparai as her family physician and Yvonne Chen for nephrology.  Both doctors have offices in Oakland.

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I’ve been working with Dr Sharman at the Remedy in Martinez and have found her helpful.

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The Over-Sixty clinic in Berkeley treats seniors in a wholistic way, rather than a collection of maladies. It is a wonderful place, a non-profit.

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As an older woman myself with multiple health challenges, I can highly recommend my Functional practitioner, local to Oakland:

Dr. Katherine Monahan (she/her)

Naturopathic Doctor, Remedy Natural Medicine

katherine [at]      510.590.6208

Yes, Dr. Monahan is kind, an attentive listener, knowledgable and she does look at my health holistically.