Fellow KSS parents - reaction to tuition increase?

Any other current KSS parents (at any of the locations) feeling completely blindsided by the enormous tuition increase, and feeling like the benefits won’t be seen by most of the preschools and teachers (specifically those that aren’t being invested in to become elementary schools… or maybe even including those)? I’d love to chat with any other KSS parents, especially to see if it feels reasonable based on what you know about your own campuses! Feel free to message me!

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Hi there, I see that there are two other posts about KSS and I'm right there with you. We recently enrolled our daughter into the 2 year old class and feel like we got duped, were intentionally misled, and are still fuming about the situation. A price increase of 40-ish percent is insane. I wonder if there's a way for us to organize a parent response? If enough of us come together perhaps they can make some concessions. 

I'm not a KSS parent, but I cannot imagine being hit by such a massive increase out of the blue - that seems totally outrageous. I did want to drop a comment to say that my daughter goes to an amazing preschool in Berkeley that is not Spanish immersion, and we pay a little more than $2600 per month for 8:30-4:30 M-F. I know this is probably not helpful but just wanted to offer my experience for context and also solidarity with the astronomical cost of decent preschool in this area. I hope the school reconsiders given the terrible position they're putting current families in. <3

We are considering KSS but hadn’t heard about this increase. We got into another preschool but also looking at KSS because it was more affordable but maybe that’s not the case anymore. The increase might be in part due to another Spanish immersion preschool opening this fall in Montclair that is quite expensive. My sons current daycare went up about 25% in January which I thought was a crazy jump but this sounds more extreme.