Feedback on UC Berkeley-Business Academy for Youth

Hello all, 

My 12 year old 6th grader was born an entrepreneur, Currently she sells candy at school, has sold all sorts of items, uses her social media to promote her small business and recently came home saying she had hired a friend for 10 dollars a week. This friend was in charge of spreading the word about my daughters business and making order deliveries during lunch. I love her vision and willingness to seek out the next business move, even when some of her ideas have not yielded a return on her investment. I began noticing this interest in her since she was about 3 years old.

She recently visited UC Berkeley on a school fieldtrip and was just ecstatic to learn that they have a school of business. She did some research and found that there is a summer program for middle and high schoolers that introduces them to business concepts and execution. She really wants to attend and is willing to do what ever it takes to raise the $1,800 tuition for this 2 week program. I truly believe this will be a great experience for her and a great distraction given that there have been and will continue to be many changes in our personal lives.Her father and I just separated, my daughter, son and I will be moving to a new home in  weeks,  and I work for a school and find myself unemployed in the summer months. She know that at the moment I don't have the means to send her but I am willing to fundraise with her. I called the program director and they do not offer scholarships. 

Does anyone here have experience with this program? Did your child or family member attend and if so, can you please provide some insight and feedback? 

In addition to this program, are there any programs you might know of for teens who are business spirited?

With appreciation, 


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