Feedback and reviews on Albany Children's Center (Jackson St.)

I am looking for any recent feedback and reviews on Albany Children's Center on Jackson Street (Preschool Program for age 3-5) from parents whose children recently attended or are still in the program. Thank you very much in advance!

Parent Replies

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My son is finishing his second year there and honestly we couldn’t be happier with the school. It’s not a fancy, activity and toy and outdoor structures driven school but his classroom teachers are so experienced, kind, patient and most importantly for us, inclusive. My son has an IEP and his ACC lead teacher has honestly advocated for him almost as much as we have and has infinite patience and love for him. We attended a year at a private preschool in Berkeley right after pandemic began and while the school itself was a good program, it was not a fit for my neurodiverse kiddo which had nothing to do with the pandemic, just bad teacher fit. At ACC, he is happy, encouraged and accepted for who he is by all adults. When his little brother is old enough, we hope to send him there as well.

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