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I have a teen with a mood disorder and was hoping to find equine therapy or even just horseback riding lessons. I've seen some places on line, one seems for severely disabled and one seems to be closed. 

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Hi there,

I'm a trauma therapist here in Berkeley and I have a colleague up in Marin -- Jessica Pinto, LMFT -- who does exceptional equine therapy work (she's very trauma-informed, too). She's also connected to the equine therapy community here in California so she might be a wonderful first point of contact for you.

Warmly, Annie Wright, LMFT

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Zenerosity in Pleasanton has equine therapy! It’s a wonderful place with great therapists and horses. 

(510) 353-3602

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I know it is a long way to go, but Square Peg in Montara (formerly in Half Moon Bay), on the coast is a wonderful nurturing place. They also have another ranch in Sonoma. My daughter taught there for years and we came to know the owner and staff really well. It is an amazing place that is deeply committed to challenged kids of all types. Over  the years I met countless families that came from all over of the bay area because the therapy was so effective and because Square Peg provides such a supportive and healing environment. 

Good luck.