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Hello BPN - My spouse and I are looking for a mediator who is a lawyer and and knowledgeable about complex asset situations to help us work through our Marital Settlement Agreement. We are hoping to get started on this in September. Someone else posted a similar question last December and someone recommended Heba Nimr, but that was the only response. Any other recommendations? How much did you pay per hour for mediation services? Also I will need a consulting attorney for myself. Any recommendations for a divorce lawyer who is willing to serve in that capacity? We are hoping for this process will be as amicable (and less costly) as possible. Thanks!

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Any of the attorneys with the Collaborative Practice East Bay group would be excellent to help you resolve your divorce through mediation, through a Collaborative process. Any of them also could act as a consulting attorney. It's typical and often recommended for each party in mediation to have a consulting attorney. In a Collaborative process, each party has a Collaborative attorney. There also may be a neutral Financial Professional and/or a Child Specialist to assist with relevant matters. Each party also may enlist a Collaborative mental health Coach to help with the emotional impact of the divorce. In either process, the goal is to resolve the divorce issues as efficiently and economically as possible. Fees vary but you should expect an attorney to charge at least $300-400/hour. An amicable divorce, of course, will reduce both the financial and emotional cost of divorcing. Here's the link to the Attorney list: https://collaborativepracticeeastbay.com/find-a-professional/

I had a very good experience with divorce lawyer Henry Lewis, who specializes in complex asset situations. https://www.henrylewis.law/meet-henry-f-lewis/

He used to work with another attorney who did mediation, but I think that attorney has retired.

I consulted w/attorney Mike McDeavitt. He could also have taken both my husband and me on if we wanted mediation together, but I preferred to have my own lawyer. Mike was recommended by a friend who described him as being "neither a shark nor a lamb." She and her soon to be ex-husband were committed to remaining friends and this was my desire as well. I was not looking for an 'aggressive' lawyer. Mike knows how to balance amicability with informing a client how to take care of herself and the future. Located in Pleasanton but we worked virtually after the first meeting. Contact info:  Mike McDeavitt