Disagreement with contractor

We paid a licensed contractor to replace leaky siding on our house but, especially after all of this rain, the window (surrounded by new ground to roof siding) is still leaking into our house.  He suggested that we hire a window replacement business.  What's our recourse?  Thanks in advance.

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RE: Disagreement with contractor ()

I think your recourse is to hire the window experts. It sounds like you hired the contractor for siding replacement and while it's unfortunate it didn't solve the issue, I'm don't think the contractor is at fault here. 

RE: Disagreement with contractor ()

Your recourse here depends on what your contract with the siding contractor says, and on exactly where the leaks are occurring.  (Is the window itself, that he did not work on, leaking, or is there a problem with the way he flashed the new siding where it meets the window?)  Your contractor believes the leaky window is not part of his responsibility and he may be correct.  If you disagree, you need another licensed contractor or an architect, a waterproofing specialist, to inspect the area and advise you on what's leaking and whether a new window is the best fix, and a lawyer to review the contract, especially the warranty language, to advise you on whether the contractor is responsible for any repairs or further work.