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Hi-  our daughter is wait listed #9 at Chabot elementary for TK.  Chabot is NOT our neighborhood school.  Does anyone know how many people generally move off the waitlist each year?  Thank you!!

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Generally speaking, Chabot has a lot of movement on the waitlist, because it's a big school. However, TK is a much smaller pool of students. And this is also Chabot's first year even having a TK, so there's no precedent to look back on.

I've had kids at Chabot for many years and can tell you that the front office staff is absolutely the best - very kind and generous and approachable. So you should feel free to reach out to them to find out what they can tell you. Truly, they're lovely people.

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I went to the open house and based on what the principal said you have a good chance of making it in! Call the office and ask if there is anything more you need to do. You may have to switch one week into the year though.

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We went to the Chabot kindergarten open house in February 2023 and the principal said there is lots of movement on the waitlist through the summer and even after the first few weeks of school. However, I’m not sure if that applies to TK as well since I think that the TK is at Kaiser elementary and feeds to several schools including Chabot.