Care for older kids during labor/delivery of 3rd

I am due in August 2023 with my 3rd child and I am already concerned about finding care for my older kids during labor/delivery. All of our extended family is out of state, and nearby friends have their own jobs and kids to worry about. My second birth was very quick, so I am thinking this one will be too. Given that, we would probably only need help for a day (or two depending on the timing). For my second we used Swiss Cheese Childcare's birth service, which was amazing, and I am so sad they are out of business now. Other people responded to previous questions on this topic about using a birth doula or postpartum doula. That seems like the best bet since they would be accustomed to the on-call nature of a birth and available during the night. Does anyone have any experience with using a doula for this purpose, and does anyone have any recommendations for doulas that provide this service? Or does anyone know of a babysitter that is willing to be on call for a birth? I'll post under childcare needed later, but want to get recommendations from parents first. Thank you!

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Hi! I just wanted to reply with the suggestion that you could think about asking a nearby friend... I know you said they "have their own jobs and kids to worry about" but honestly, I would absolutely love to be on-call for a friend if they asked me - and yes, I'm busy w/ 2 kids, job, etc. but I think you might be surprised! I wouldn't mind if the call came in the middle of the night either - it's one or two nights! I wouldn't want any of my friends paying for a stranger to watch their kids when I could help, that's all I'm saying :) Three cheers for friends! Congrats and good luck!