Birthday Party Ideas for Teenager

I need help organizing a birthday party for a teenager and I would love if someone else wants to share their ideas for a teenager party. Thank you!

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You haven’t provided enough information on which to base useful responses. Given that, I’d suggest asking yourself:

-First *ask your teen* what they would like! Something quiet & intimate, big, noisy and chaotic, what would they like to do?

- How old is my teen? (13 is very different from 17)

-How big is my teen’s friend group?

- Do the friends know one another, or are they from different aspects of my teen’s life? (School, neighborhood, temple, etc.)

- What does my teen enjoy doing? What are their interests?

-What’s my budget?

-Do I want a houseful of teens, or do I want to hold this someplace where I won’t be responsible for clean-up, etc?

Some *very* general ideas include:

- Volunteering- offering a day of service (many food banks, for example, let groups volunteer without an ongoing commitment)

- Rock-climbing (supervised, at a gym)

- Cooking class

- Camping overnight

- Skiing

-Virtual Reality

- Attending a performance or sporting event

- Crafts

-Swimming, sports

Good Luck!

My daughter just turned 14 and I helped her host a murder mystery party.  She and her friends enjoyed it.  I would do it again.  If you search the internet there are tons of choices of downloadable pages with things you print, host guides, etc.  We used this one: 

It was a lot more work than just going to Rockin Jump (what I'm doing for my daughter who's about to turn 10) but it was memorable and unique and they got to "play"; something that seems appropriate to keep making possible as they get older.  

Have fun!