Berkeley Unified School District Residency Question


I just moved to Berkeley and I would like to enroll my son in TK. One of the requirements is to have a utility bill. All my utilities are included in my rent. Is there a work around for this? 

thank you! 

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Same situation here. I called the office and they were very helpful. I was told to provide the rental agreement that states utilities are covered & also 2 documents from Group C instead of just 1. 

Hi, does your rent include Internet and/or cable as well as PG&E and EBMUD? If so, I would call the admissions office and ask them what they'll accept instead. Good luck!

If you don’t have a utility bill, you can use two items from one of the other columns to prove residency. If you receive any letters from social services, for example, that will work. 

Hello - I faced a similar situation when enrolling my kid in BUSD. I didn't have an easy way to document payment of rent because the transaction is handled through electronic funds transfer. My landlord signed a letter attesting to this fact, which I submitted to BUSD as documentation. Though, I will add that I reached out to BUSD admissions office in advance to confirm that this would be acceptable. I imagine you could do the same, ask your landlord to sign a letter clarifying that your rent is inclusive of utilities (and also send an email to BUSD admissions to confirm they'll accept it as documentation).

If your rent includes all utilities (including things like internet service) then I'd just submit your lease with this provision specified. I'd guess they'll take that, but if not they can tell you what to provide instead.

You should be able to provide a copy of your lease agreement as proof. 

Yes--we had the same situation, and managed to talk to someone at BUSD. They advised us that the workaround is to submit two proofs from Group C since you won't have any from Group B. We submitted our lease for Group A, which showed utilities included and then we submitted bank records and a paystub for Group C. This worked without a hitch.

Hi, I was in a similar situation with AUSD as a UC Berkeley student, and my rental agreement was enough. 

I believe a phone bill, internet service bill, or mobile phone bill would also qualify as utilities bill for school enrollment.

Your lease.