BayHill, Orion, etc. LD kids

Hello. My twins are in 7th grade and we are looking into NPS options for high school.  They both have ADHD (combined type) and ASD (high functioning). My daughter struggles socially a LOT and deals w anxiety. My son is just pretty rigid in his thinking and doesn’t LOVE school. Both need A LOT of help w executive functioning skills

i am looking for recs on NPS.  Both kids should be able to go straight to college after high school, definitely my daughter academically.  I’ve read through all the old posts but as we know, the pandemic changed things. 

Any thoughts on BayHill or Orion Academy?  Orion seems super….formal and maybe not the best for my son. BayHill was ok but I’ve heard there are more behavior problems than in past.  We visited and every kid was on a cell phone texting and scrolling during class. I know every school has cell phone issues and behavior issues but for the amount we may pay, I expect a lot of oversight. Thoughts?

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