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We need to remodel a small primary bathroom due to significant aging of our century-old home. We have a contractor but are on a budget and would love any tips for online (and/or local) sources you love for buying a vanity, flooring, and other components. Have specific products you would love to recommend too? I am all ears! I'm not super design oriented so definitely would love all input and to learn from your tips! Thanks so much! 

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Hi There! I am super interested in learning more about your contractor. I have a few smaller projects (including a bathroom) that I have been thinking on and am having a hard time knowing where to look for a contractor that will take on small jobs. If you have any advice here I am all ears! 

As to your question on vanities - Probably not the most help here but the Pottery Barn Warehouse (in Alameda) is hit or miss but you may luck out and find something on sale. I have looked online a bit and West Elm, Houzz, Rejuevenation all have nice vanities and Wayfair is a good resouce as well. President's day is around the corner so there may be a few sales coming up! 

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The advice I'd like to give you -- as part of a construction company -- is work with your contractor.  Make sure anything you buy fits the plans!  I've seen clients "save" money by purchasing items that need 5x (or more) labor to make them fit -- since they didn't match the plans.  You don't mention how far you are in -- but your contractor likely has more experience than parents who have been through one or two remodels.

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Well we are going through the same project, helping my son and a friend. It is a process and a long list of items to get and so many options… vanity, toilet, faucet, extra storage, materials: tile, floors… I guess if you go the least expensive way, you go to Home Depot, lows, and then Granite Expo, Sincere and Ikea

i would say Ikea has the best designs for smaller spaces, but you have to built the cabinets and then install them, usually the contractors don’t want yo do that .. vanities, storage.. and they say is low quality… well, it all the depends on your budget. 
do a mix and match. Get a vanity special at say Granite expo and find storage unit at ikea.

also for tiles and floors, Floor and decor is nice, mostly if go to their website you can choose a tile or floor and visualize it in your space with their app. It is fun and it does give you an idea of a look.

Go to IKEA , at least for ideas. Make it fun, don’t get a divorced because of a bathroom renovation. I’m sure it is going to turn out great!