BAM vs Malcolm X elementary

Hi everyone, we just got assigned to Malcolm X for our kindergartener but we live close to BAM. BAM was our first choice school, we were really hoping to get as it works best with with the late 9am start and had a really warm community feel. Malcolm X seemed to have a beautiful campus and we thought the arts focus there sounded great but it's across the city and we know less about it.

Can people please speak to their experiences at either? I am trying to determine if its worthwhile to get added to the BAM waitlist or just be happy with Malcolm X and worry less about that.

Thanks so much!


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We love Malcolm X but also know families who are very happy at BAM. The curriculum is similar, but we do like the increased performing arts at MX (we have a dedicated drama teacher, something I don't think all schools have). It has a great community, very warm and welcoming. but we also LOVE that we can walk to MX so if I were you I would get on the waitlist. One thing that could make MX a little easier is that you will qualify for the bus, and for afterschool you have a lot of options near you (Live Oak Park, New School, JCC) that all have buses from MX, so your kid can end the day closer to home to make it easier on you. Our son is at Live Oak and we like it - lots of free play outside and splashing in the creek. And your kid will have friends, all of those programs are especially popular among north Berkeley families whose kids go to south Berkeley schools.