Affordable Mediator/Lawyer amicable divorce, but custody concerns

I'm looking for someone located in the East Bay, preferably the El Cerrito, Albany, Berkeley area.  The divorce is amicable, we were going to try and do it ourselves but felt overwhelmed with the process and need some guidance.  Also wanting this person to help with mediation as some custody concerns have come up.  The biggest issue is that neither of us have much in extra funds, so it would have to be someone affordable.  I've done some searching but everyone seems rather expensive. 

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I can't recommend Hello Divorce enough. It's extremely affordable (I recommend going for the flat fee instead of monthly because California courts take so long) and you can add a la carte mediation for your custody issue. Hello Divorce is a e-law platform with an incredible human touch: a case advisor will walk you through every step. 

The East Bay Collaborative Practice group offers a free, 4-hour meeting for couples with limited resources who would like to try to resolve divorce-related issues without litigation: