Advice on TK in the Oakland Hills

Hi Parents, 

My 4 year old will be attending TK in September (She'll turn 5 in mid-September). She has been in a Spanish immersion program since 2 years old and we want to do whatever we can to continue her on a bi-lingual path so Melrose Leadership Academy is 1st on our OUSD list. We are curious to hear any feedback about the following schools: Montclair, Thornhill, Glenview, Sequoia & Hillcrest 

Thanks for any insight or thoughts! 

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Have you also considered Manzanita SEED and greenleaf?

Hilcrest doesn’t have TK. Otherwise, it is a great school and very well supported by the parents. It is not diverse.

Hi, just a quick correction to the previous responder. Hillcrest **will** have a TK for the first time this upcoming school year, 2023-24. It will be co-located with a few other schools' TK programs on the former Kaiser Elementary campus. No feedback to offer since it's obviously new, but we are a longtime Hillcrest family that's been very happy with the community.