Academic Summercamp rising 2nd grader


We are a family from Europe that moved here last year. My 7y old is currently in first grade and a little behind on math and reading. Anyone that can suggest an (in-person) academic summercamp in the Berkeley/Albany/El Cerrito area? We are aware of tutoring options, but looking for a class setting to make it more fun for our kiddo (and sell him our idea :). Any leads are welcome. Thank you! 

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Is your child in BUSD? Summer school plus aftercare could be an option for you if you are. It's open to all BUSD students. (This is the link to last summer's info; I don't think this summer's is up yet, but you could call the district.)

I'm assuming that Albany and El Cerrito—if you're in one of those districts—have similar offerings. We're in the OUSD and I've received both a text and email about summer school as an option (my kid is also in first grade and was a little behind/was in the reading intervention program, and I think that's why we may have been flagged for priority on summer school.)

ATDP might be a good option for a low-pressure class setting at the elementary level, though it's a little north of you in Richmond.