Not a Nanny Share

Here are some childcare situations that BPN does not consider to be a nanny share. These care situations should be licensed as a home daycare if they take place in someone's home, or as a childcare center or preschool if they are at a site that is not someone's home. See About Childcare Licensing in California.

  • A nanny share that takes place at the nanny's house and there is more than one other family besides her own in the share.  

  • A nanny share that takes place somewhere other than someone's home. For example parents drop off or pick up their children at a park.

  • A nanny share that is managed by the nanny rather than by the parents. For example, the nanny is setting the hours for the share, determining where the share takes place, or recruiting new families when someone leaves.

  • A "co-op" where parents pay for childcare and take turns caring for each other's children, with or without a paid nanny or teacher. See About Co-ops & Childcare Exchanges