For Schools and Childcare Providers: About the New BPN Website

As explained on New Website Plans, a new BPN website is under development that will improve the BPN experience for parents and allow us to become financially sustainable, so that BPN can continue to operate as an independent, not-for-profit community resource for years to come.

To help support this, BPN will soon be offering "Community Subscriptions" which will be available to local schools, camps, classes, childcare providers and other local businesses for kids and families. Community Subscribers will be able to post announcements about their programs, not only for BPN subscribers to read, but they will also be publicly available on BPN's website. The subscription fee will be between $35 and $250 per year depending on the size of the business or school.

What will not change:

  • Reviews of schools and daycares will continue to be displayed on BPN's publicly-accessible website, and parents can continue to add new reviews, regardless of whether the school/daycare opts for Community Subscriber status.
  • All schools and daycares that have been reviewed will continue to be listed on BPN's website.
  • Basic information about each school or daycare will continue to be displayed on BPN's website regardless of subscriber status.
  • Parents can continue to recommend nannies, and these recommendations will be available to other BPN subscribers who login to the website (not publicly available).

What will be different:

  • Community Subscribers will be able to post announcements about openings and admission events directly to the BPN website instead of in a weekly email newsletter for subscribers only. These announcements will be now public, and can be edited or disabled by the school or daycare.
  • Community Subscribers will be able to include additional information about their school or daycare such as languages spoken, hours, tuition, ages accepted, and whether there are current openings.
  • Parents, whether they subscribe to BPN or not, will be able search new BPN databases for childcare and schools using a variety of criteria including location, type of program, ages, whether there are openings, and the like.
  • Community Subscribers will be able to add their own description of their program, which will appear at the top of their page of reviews.
  • Community Subscribers will have a login account on the new website in order to update information about their program.

We expect that Community Subscriptions will be available beginning in January 2015.