Acronyms & Abbreviations Common on BPN

This is a glossary of acronyms that are often used by parents in their postings on BPN.

2e Twice Exceptional (a gifted child who also has a disability, such as a learning disorder)
ADD or ADHD Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (see this page)
AP Advanced Placement high school class, for example "AP Geometry"
AS or ASD Autistic Spectrum Disorder (see this page)
BF Breastfeeding
BHS Berkeley High School
BTDT Been There, Done That
BUSD Berkeley Unified School District
CIO Cry It Out (sleep training technique)
Co-op Co-operative Preschool/School - parent participation required
CPS Child Protective Services
DD Darling Daughter
DH Darling Husband
DM Direct Message (as in, "DM me")
DS Darling Son
EC Elimination Communication (see this page)
ER Emergency Room
FIL Father-in-Law
IEP Individualized Education Plan (see this page)
IMO In My Opinion (IMHO=In My Humble Opinion)
ISO In Search Of
IVF In Vitro Fertilization
K Kindergarten
K-8 Kindergarten through 8th Grade (or K-5, K-12, etc.)
LD Learning Difference/Learning Disability
LDR Long Distance Relationship
LO Little One (child)
MIL Mother-in-Law
MO month old, as in "5mo" = 5 month old
NT Neuro-Typical (Non-Autistic Person)
OP Original Poster (the person who posted the original question)
OUSD Oakland Unified School District
PCP Primary Care Provider (family doctor; GP)
PG Pregnant or Profoundly Gifted
POC Person of Color
PPD Postpartum Depression
SAHD Stay at Home Dad
SAHM Stay at Home Mom
SIL Sister-in-Law
SIP Shelter in Place (Covid-19 orders in 2020)
STD Sexually Transmitted Disease
TIA Thanks in advance
TTC Trying to Conceive
VBAC Vaginal Birth after a Cesarean (see this page)
WFH Work(ing) From Home
YMMV Your Mileage May Vary (you might get different results)
YO Year Old, as in "5yo" = 5 Year Old