BPN Moderators

These are the people who help keep BPN running.  All are parents and many of them have been volunteering for more than 10 years.

  1. Carrie Salazar, Parent Q&A moderator
  2. Emma White, Membership coordinator
  3. Fran Radford, Parent Q&A moderator
  4. Jean Fichtenkort, Parent Q&A moderator
  5. Jennifer Monahan, Announcements moderator
  6. Jon Forrest, Parent Q&A moderator
  7. Juliana Monin, Childcare Moderator
  8. Kate Schaffer, Announcements moderator
  9. Chris Lillevand Hendricks, Marketplace moderator
  10. Mayra Rivas, Childcare Licensing
  11. Paz Navarro, Childcare Moderator
  12. Sally Nasman, Parents of Teens moderator