BPN by the Numbers

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Total BPN subscribers: 25,176 (as of April 3, 2018)

Parent subscribers: 22,549

Paid subscribers:

  • Schools, Preschools, Camps, Classes, Daycares: 495
  • Tutors & Teachers: 197
  • Nonprofit & Civic Orgs: 271
  • Businesses & Private Practices: 131
  • Nannies &Sitters: 409

Currently 120 new subscribers sign up each week.

Parent Demographics

Here is a summary:

  • 80% of subscribers live in East Bay cities, 20% in other cities in the greater Bay Area, from Sonoma to South Bay, from San Francisco to 680 Corridor.
  • 78% of subscribers are mothers, and 22% are fathers.
  • 15% of subscribers are parents of teens, pre-teens, and young adults.
  • All ages of children are represented, from parents-to-be to parents of young adults.
  • New subscribers typically have babies and young children or are expecting their first child.

Active posts from Subscribers

Below is a snapshot taken on October 31, 2017 of active postings on the BPN website from parents and community subscribers. Posts typically expire 30 days after they are posted, so this represents just the ones that haven't expired yet. Announcements, events and tutor posts are public on the website; all other posts can only be viewed by subscribers :

= 1,177 total active posts 

Weekly Newsletters

Posts are summarized in weekly newsletters that are emailed to subscribers:

  • Announcements (see "Top 5 Clicks 2017")
  • Childcare
  • Marketplace
  • Parent Q&A
  • Parents of Teens

Mailchimp open rate: 25% average (compare to 15% Mailchimp average for "Social Networks and Online Communities")


Website Access from google analytics (2018)

  • 250,000 avg. visits per month
  • 85% USA, of which 59% is California
  • Top 10 California cities, in order: San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Richmond, LA, San Jose, Sacramento, Walnut Creek, San Diego, Alameda

Website Content (as of October 2017):

  • 4,893 Archived Advice & Reviews pages (each page is an individual topic such as "Teen Acne" with multiple requests & responses)
  •    794 Daycare & Preschool profile pages (mostly daycares in the East Bay)
  •    280 School profile pages (public and private K-12 schools)
  •    504 Classes/Camps/Groups profile pages
  • 1,053 Business & Organization profile pages
  •    129 Documentation and FAQs

= 7,653 total pages