BPN Board of Directors & Officers

 BPN was incorporated on December 16, 2013 and the first Board meeting was held on Feb 4, 2014. The Board of Directors meets once a year in the Fall, with additional meetings as needed.  BPN's Board members are elected to a 3 year term.  All of the directors are current or former moderators on BPN.

Board Directors

  1. Ginger Ogle
  2. Laurel Coates
  3. Jean Fichtenkort
  4. Jon Forrest
  5. Karie Frasch
  6. Jennifer Monahan
  7. Sally Nasman
  8. Paz Navarro
  9. Fran Radford
  10. Carrie Salazar


  1. Ginger Ogle, President
  2. Laurel Coates, Vice-President
  3. Jean Fichtenkort, Secretary
  4. Elise Wilks, Treasurer