Sibling Wars

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I have a problem that I need help on. I have 2 boys, 5 and 7, and they seem to fight constantly. They fight over everything but everything but I think what underlies it all is that the 5 year old wants more of the 7 year old's attention and will do anything to get it--including hitting, kicking, and teasing. The older one likes more alone time and to get rid of his brother will pinch or push him and then cry when the little one retaliates with a kick or hit. It seems that the fighting is nonstop. They are in different daycare programs so they only see each other at night and weekends. How do other parents handle sibling bickering? (July 1999)
The book Holding Time by Martha Welch addresses this issue (and the whole territory of teaching your child trust and expressing-feelings skills) with some elegance. Highly recommended. (July 1999)