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Not walking yet - 21 months

April 2007

My son is now 21 months old. He is happy, funny, and playful. He has never crawled, cannot stand on his own, and is showing no signs of walking. He has had every test possible. Low muscle tone is the only explanation they can offer. He has a PT now once a week, and she says he's extremely clever (which may play into it). I being a first time father (stay at home), who's over the moon about my son, and feel that perhaps I coddled him too much. So, now he expects I'll do everything for him. I'm not sure just grasping for answers. He's a joy to be around and he can hold his weight with some slight support, but I just want him to walk. Is there anyone out there who can tell me something to make me feel less anxious or concerned. I like to joke that, he knows that he is my first (and probably only child) so he's giving me the most of him being a little baby, which I do appreciate....However, for his sake I want him to progress. Thanks.... Ramsey's Dad. Arthur

Hi Arthur, I love the way you describe your child with so much love and affection. Don't worry, there is no such thing as a loving or coddling a baby too much. If your little one is delayed, it's not because of you. In fact, a child that has a delay will catch up faster if they are loved and cherished well. Luck and joy to you. margaret
My brother in law didn't walk til 24 months and he is a relatively normal adult, actually a doctor, with a healthy family and successful life. My son started walking at 18 months. Unless tests show otherwise, I think kids are ready when they are ready. marg

Knee-walking baby at 17 months

May 2006

Our fabulous 17-month-old daughter has shown a preference for months now for walking on her knees. She's now quite fast and proficient, even on hardwood floors, and unlike with crawling, can carry things with her. Her doctor looked baffled when I reported this at her 15- month well-baby visit. People laugh and are much entertained by this in public, and I have yet to hear someone else say their baby was also a knee-walker. In the past month she has walked some steps a few times on her feet, hands-free (so I know she can), but she soon reverts to knees again. Other than needing now to patch some of her pants (the knees are wearing through), I guess there's no downside except I'm wondering when she might rise to her feet on a more regular basis. Does this sound familiar to anyone else out there or is she one of a kind? Kate

My son didn't walk until 22 months. He knee-walked a lot and it was a stepping stone in the process. I went through physical therapy and a lot of anguish over it but really it was just his temperment and timetable - he's very happy healthy and on track.

I would not worry. Your daughter is most likely using her knees as an in between step from crusing to walking. In my case it went on for months. By the way - because he wasn't walking by 18 months I did do the therapy but I wouldn't say it really did much. He walked when he was ready - and so will your daughter.

Yes, the worn through knees on the clothing are amusing! Also be grateful because late walkers are often just cautious children. THis is good - when all the other kids bolt away in public places the moment you set them down, it's the cautious ones that make life much easier for parents. You can actually take a breath, grab your keys and the kid is still there - not across the parking lot! just be patient

My child was a knee-walker for the longest time. she eventually started to walk when she was 19 months, so I can really relate. We, too, thought that there was a problem, and saw a specialist at Children's, that assured us that nothing was wrong. the specialist sais that our child would walk whenever she was ready to, and that what's happened. My advice is to have someone like a grandparent help and encourage your little one to walk. for us it was grandpa who did the magic.(or was it just the right time for her to walk:-)) She is now 4 y/o and doesn't stop running. good luck
This sounds just like my neice. To top it off, everyone in her day care was walking on their feet except her, she was either crawling or going on her knees. It wasn't until 19 months, months later than everyone in her daycare, that she finally was almost always on her feet. Everyone now in then when she's in a real hurry, she will sometimes drop on back down to her knees to hussle to where she needs to go. anon
I wouldn't worry about much. We knew a kid who was doing a crab walk for the longest time, but eventually just started walking the way everybody else does. My kid was barely a walker at 17 months, having just started at 14 months. I think they discover that walking is easier at a certain point. If you want to be super concerned, you might just watch her when she does walk, to see if it looks like anything is bothering her. Maybe the muscles just aren't fully developed yet.
I have no advice to provide about your knee-walking daughter, but she is not alone. Our 17-month old son is also an expert knee-walker (we have nick-named him Luke Knee-Walker). He has yet to take any steps on his own, and seems quite content to walk on his knees forever. He even dances and spins around in circles on his knees. He gets up to a stand without holding onto anything, and can stand for a few minutes unsupported, and he also walks holding onto furniture or someone's hands, but has thus far resisted all attempts to entice him to take a step on his own. Our pediatrician was not concerned that he was not walking yet at his 15-month appointment, and I don't think I mentioned the knee-walking, so did not get any words of wisdom. I am just optimistic that he'll walk when he's ready. Mhel
My son did a similar thing with commando crawling all the time. If she doesn't start walking independantly I would take her to a developmental pediatrician, and possible get an MRI done. Chances are she will start walking, but I know how it can worry you. You can always get an MRI done, so you rule out any kind of balance issues or CP. My son did get an MRI when he was 24 months and not walking, and we found out he had a form of CP that affects his balance. So, you never know. He now walks fine, with the help of a walker. anonymous

Baby almost 2 not walking

November 2005

My son is 22 months. He's standing, cruising, walking on his knees, but not walking independantly yet. I've had him visit two specialists that say he's fine, not to worry, but observed that he is very cautious. I did physical therapy for 3 months and the therapist basically ran out of ideas for him, again saying he was just very cautious and not that interested in walking.

He's a bright kid. He speaks well (over 120 words) is very happy and easygoing. When I try to get him to walk he says ''No'' and ''Down'' so we are in a bit of a struggle.

When it's just the family in our house I could not be happier with my little guy. My problem stems when I'm at the park or in playgroups and other parents make global assumptions about him - or worse yet - telling me what I should have done(or should do now) differently so that he would be walking by now.

Some days I feel like I'm hiding out until he walks but I know that's not the right thing. Has anyone had a child walk this late and how did you ever deal with the comments from other parents? mum of a late walker

My daughter didn't walk until 19 months. She just didn't have the interest or the disposition, and a visit to the physical therapist confirmed that her muscles and bones were fine. Since she is my 2nd child, I found I was much less stressed about reaching milestones like walking. Just tell those playground busy-bodies, ''Gee, I haven't noticed any kids crawling into Kindergarten -- I'm sure he'll be fine!'' Remember, you can't MAKE them do anything! He'll walk when he wants to, and that'll be that. low stress mom
Call the Early Start Program 1-800-404-5900 to see if he qualifies for early intervention services. The services, for children who qualify, are provided for free. Good luck! Adelina
As long as your peditrician is not worried about your son's choice to walk (or not walk) then there is no reason to be concerned. (My son didn't walk as a primary mode of transportation until 18 months) Dealing with the social aspect is another issue altogether. Although it may be normal to walk later, it seems that everyone expects a child to be walking by about 15 months. If a child isn't walking, there must be something wrong (with him or you). I wish there were a category for these situations called normal but not socially acceptable:) I have a 3 year old with impulse control issues. Sometimes this translates into him biting his friends. Although I've been reassured by experts that this is perfectly normal, it doesn't FEEL that way. The way some people treat my son and us as parents is so obviously judgemental, it makes me crazy. We're doing everything we can to help our son make different choices and it seems that you're doing everything you can for your son, unfortunately lots of people won't assume that. My mantra for this and everything else we've been though so far is - if he's still (biting, sleeping in our bed, nursing, crawling, insert yours here) when he's in college, then I'll worry. Most days, this gets me through the plethora of judgements and vibes all those perfect parents out there seem to impart. Please don't hide out at home - I'll hang out with you anytime:) We'll just avoid the perfect kid hangouts. Best, Dana
My daughter didn't walk until 22 months. You've done your due dilegence - taken him to doctors and PT (we didn't do any of that) - so trust the experts that you've consulted with. He'll walk when he's ready! You could just say that to the park- bench ''experts'': ''I've taken him to several doctors and the consensus is that he'll walk when he's ready. They're not worried, and neither am I.'' Mom of late walker
My second was a late walker and I know it gets terribly annoying to have everyone ask about it. I had my mother telling people behind my back that she was sure something was wrong with the kid's legs and that I was in denial! For the most part, people mean well and you basically have to toughen up. I would just say, ''We have talked to the doctor several times and nothing is wrong with her.'' One day your child will be doing something else in advance of someone else's child. Just be glad nothing is truly wrong and don't waste your energy caring what people think--parenting is a long haul, this is just the beginning. She finally walked
My son is 19 months --also very cautious--and not yet walking. People often make suggestions and comments, but I think they are just trying to think of something helpful to say. One of the most common is, ''Oh, you're so lucky you don't have to chase him around.'' I know they're just trying to ''make lemonade,'' but I can't help taking it as a minimization of my natural anxiety about his development (and my baby's frustration at not being more mobile and active). I just try to remind myself what a great kid he is, that I am respecting his natural pace, and that soon I will hardly remember this phase. To suggestions, I just say, ''Yeah, we've tried that'' or ''The pediatrician says we're doing all the right things.'' To comments, I try to make a dismissive joke, such as, ''He's too smart to walk when he knows I'll carry him around!'' or, ''Just think of all the money I save on shoes.'' A friend recently said, ''Well, he's been too busy composing music!'' or something like that. Definitely take him to the park, though; I think seeing other kids walk is a big motivation. We also try to make playdates at the homes of younger kids that are at the same stage of cruising, and whose mothers we know won't say anything annoying. I don't think there's anything we can do but encourage whatever cautious efforts they make. In the end, I do think it's nice to have a kid who won't jump headlong into danger! Good luck, anon
Hi - I learned to walk when I was 25 months. I am 32 now and at the time, never saw a PT. I now have a son who seems to be headed in the same direction. I know I was fine, but it's hard not to worry about my own son! And I really do know what you mean about the social pressure. My son has actually was diagnosed with low muscle tone - and this is an easy answer to give people. When people ask me questions, I just say, ''oh he has low muscle tone and we're working on it.'' That usually works for me. It sounds like your child is doing great and for some reason is not ready to walk on his own yet and will do so when he's ready. One thing that also helped us was putting an orthotic in his shoe, which helped to stabilize his feet. Good luck! late walker
maybe the other parents have never heard this is common among genius children. He may be a profound philosopher more into thinking and internal processes rather than running/ doing physical stuff. I would guess others' hold more judgement on boys for this trait, as boys are pushed toward sports, etc. from earlier on than girls, but certainly our world needs boys and men who are capapble of deep thinking.... don't know what to do about others' rudeness but once you become more assured and confident that he IS normal and /or extraordinary the comments may roll off more easily.... good luck with your wonder boy. anon.
My son didn't walk until around 19 months. I think he suddenly wanted to chase a cat. I do remember a certain doctor getting me stressed about it and I don't think this was at all helpful. Don't worry; don't hide. We all do things at different times and as long as you've had him tested, don't let this interfere with the fun of having a toddler. When he starts running, you may look back on this as the golden time. starjeanne
I want to thank everyone for the great advice. A few weeks ago, without much notice, my little son decided to take a few cautious steps. He's still taking it slow but walking independantly a few times a day and even asking for his shoes before we go out. We are quite relieved and just thrilled! To parents out there who are still waiting for their late walkers, just be patient! mum of a late walker

almost-16-month-old not walking yet

April 2005

My little guy is big for his age, almost 28 pounds and isn't walking yet. He started cruising around Christmas. But he doesn't stand alone and he doesn't walk alone. He gets around quite well holding onto the furniture and seems quite content. Handles the stairs up and down with ease. He's a really happy social little guy, even says a few words but I can tell that when people ask how old he is they're a bit surprised that he's not walking. Of course it doesn't help that he's such a big baby.

My question is, how long after a baby cruises will he walk? We thought he was just weeks away when he started cruising at Christmas but it's now April and he is still not walking. Oh, also he was slightly less than full term, born 3 weeks early.

My pediatrician says his muscle tone is good and he's healthy. Should I get a second opinion? If it's not the muscle tone what could it be? Personally, I really don't mind that he's not walking. I think it's just adorable to watch him get around the way he does. On the other hand I don't want to overlook a potential problem if there is something wrong and I could help him. mum of a late walker

Mine didn't walk until 15 months (started cruising several months before that), and I don't think that was particularly late from talking to actual parents (rather than the usual guidelines/averages from the pediatrician). From what I remember, the transition was pretty sudden and over the course of a week or so he became a walker. don't worry, enjoy the lack of mobility while you've got it!
My daughter didn't start walking until she was almost 17 mos, and even then, it took her another month to become more stable. I have friends whose kids also didn't walk until between 17 and 18 mos, and they are all fine. We thought the same thing you did--once she started cruising, she'd be walking in no took 4 and 1/2 mos from the time she started cruising. Best wishes. Tracy
My son did not start walking until he was around 17 months. He had been cruising for about two months and I also thought, ''anyday now'' that he would just go for it. I also scanned the parents' network because I was concerned and found it is not so unusual, especially for boys to walk ''later''. It is hard when you see all these 10-12 month olds walking, but really, since he is cruising and your doc says he is fine, I would just wait. My pediatrician siad 15 months was the average age, not 12 months. Even after our son took his first steps at around 16 1/2 months, he still scooched on his bottom since it was much faster! Now at 18 months he is a good walker, but he still falls and has not tried running yet (yipee!). now busy chasing my walker
Hi - Believe it or not, I did not walk until I was over 2 years old (about 25 months)! My mom tells me I just loved crawling. And I walk, run, etc. just fine now. Here's to the late walkers! sarah
I have just had my first baby so am now hearing all about my own infant years from family. Much like your son, I did not walk until I was 18 months - apparently I was also content to crawl and ''cruise''. My mother could tell I was doing fine in all respects - language, muscle tone etc. - and was not worried but did have to deal with constant comments from friends and strangers about my ''delayed development''. Once I did start walking it was all she could do to keep me track of me (so I think she actually missed the pre-walking days)! Every child is so different, since you can tell your son is a happy, healthy child I would just trust your instincts and let him transition to walking at his own pace. Vanessa
Our son didn't crawl until he was 12 months and didn't walk until he was 17 months. Now he's 2 yrs plus 2 months and he's running around with the best of them. Try not to worry. If your ped says he's got good muscle tone and he's cruising around the furniture, I am sure he's just being a little extra cautious before he takes those first independent steps. One good thing is that when he does get going, he will be more developmentally advanced than the average new walker and will probably have fewer devastating spills. jo
My daughter didn't walk until she was 18m. She was also 3 weeks early and big. She pulled up and cruised for a long time as well. I know it's hard not to worry, but there is a huge range of normal in this area of development and I really would try not to worry too much. If you really do feel like there is something wrong, then do get another opinion, but he's still in the norm. You'll be longing for those cruising days in no time. Annie
I did not walk until 18 months, and have been an avid dancer since age 4! baby balarina
My son was 18, almost 19 months old before he walked. Just like yours, my guys is a bruiser! And born 5 weeks early. The doctor recommended physical therapy and a few consultations with a neurologist, which quite frankly, freaked me out more than just waiting for him to walk. Nobody was really 'worried' about him, the therapy was just a precaution. After about 3 visits the physical therapist told us ''he's just not ready to walk yet''. And she was absolutely right. My guy took steps when he wanted to. I believe that he has taken after his mother and is a perfectionist. He won't do something unless he knows he can do it right. If you're worried, tell your pediatrician. But I'd be willing to bet you get a lot of responses that it's perfectly normal. You don't know it yet, but there are a BUNCH of late walkers out there and they're all normal. Trust me........enjoy the non-walking as long as you can, because once he figures it out, you'll be chasing him down and wondering why you were in such a hurry for him to walk! -Now we're running
Oh, I know it's hard not to worry, and it can be difficult to navigate other people's expectations. But don't worry, your son will walk and soon enough you'llbe chasing after him. My son cruised for months! It drove me crazy. But he was 16 months old when he finally walked, and after those first steps there was no stopping him. I really think kids dip into the grab bag of abilities (walking talking dressing themselves) on their own schedule,and while there are norms, they are not fixed. Maybe your son is concentrating on developing other abilities right now. Your son sounds very normal to me. Carolyn
Our 16 month old didn't walk until 3 weeks ago. Our pediatrician said not to worry because everything else was normal to this point. Sharon
He'll get there! My little man didn't walk until almost 18 months, he also didn't crawl until almost 12. I know how scary it can feel, though, when all these other kids his same age have been walking for half a year now, but as long as his muscles are good, and if he's pulling up and cruising the furniture, he'll be fine Jill
Our son didn't crawl till a year and walk until 17 months. He was by many months the last in our playgroup to do both. He pretty much went from throwing a fit if we tried to let go of his fingers to encourage him to walk to walking on his own suddenly one day. Within a week or two he was toddling everywhere. He's also a pretty big kid in the 75th percentile. I know exactly how you feel, but please don't worry. He'll be fine and you'll wonder why you ever worried when he's into even more trouble than before. As our pediatrician said, the chunky ones just take longer! Caroline
For starters, a study linked longer crawling with better coordination and capacity at sports later in life. So it is better for children to crawl longer before they begin walking. So apparently, this competitive spirit that many parents accidentally get caught up in (wanting their kid to be the best, or farthest ahead, or even just keeping up with another similarly aged friend) is NOT IN YOUR CHILD'S BEST INTEREST. Don't worry so much. Try to let go and enjoy your child developing at HIS pace. Each child is an individual, and to push him to accomplish other than what he's ready for is a way to stress your child and make him feel inadequate. How sad (and I know this is not your intent). How do you know when your child is ready? That is the beauty of it all. When they are ready, they simply begin trying new things and learning new skills. The fact is, they won't be successful at something until they are truly ready to take it on. You can trust that your little guy will be self-led to try these new things - it will capture his interest when the time is right. Signed, Child who felt inadequate because she couldn't keep up.
Our daughter didn't walk until very late, 22 months, and she started cruising at around 20 months. I was a bit freaked out, but my take on it is that she just didn't see the utility in it. She was getting around fine with crawling, cruising and being carried. I am very grateful to my doctor for ignoring this as a ''problem,'' because our daughter was developing well in all other ways. I'd say if your doctor isn't worried, you shouldn't be either! He will walk when he's ready. Janet
Just a reassurance: my mom is a physical therapist who specializes in pediatrics. She says she absolutely would not worry unless the kid was making NO attempts to walk by 18 months. Since your little guy has been cruising for a while, my guess is he will take off any day now. My older boy was walking by 9 months, and the younger looks to be heading the same way, so I'm jealous! Also, it sounds like he's maybe talking a little early? My (unscientific) observation is that kids generally either walk or talk early, but not both. My guess is he's fine, but bring it up with the doctor if he's not walking in another 3-4 months. Catherine
I run a Gymboree play and music program and we have lots of kids who are not yet walking around that age. My own son didn't walk until 18 months. My pediatrician told me that 14 months is average and boys frequently walk later than average. He also said patterns are similar in families - so, for example, if you and/or Dad were late walkers, your child might be also. Lastly, he said most doctors don't even worry about it until 18-20 months. It's good that he's cruising - so he's finding a way to get around and not be frustrated. Judy
Everyone, I hope, will tell you the same: relax. Our son didn't walk until he was 17 mos old. I used to get embarrassed at the playground when he would sit there like a big lump while other, younger kids raced circles around him, but it didn't bother him. And it didn't indicate anything about his development in other areas as far as I've been able to tell -- he's happy, smart, well-coordinated, walking, running, biking, etc. Don't worry! mother of a slow walker
I did not read the original post, but I did read many of the responses. I have no direct knowledge about this but I do know what happened to the daughter of a friend of mine. Her child was a very late walker and the doctors kept saying she was at the far end of the spectrum of normal for walking. Finally, grandmom got the child an MRI and it turned out she had cerebral palsy, probably had it from birth. Once Kaiser had a diagnosis, they allowed for therapy etc. But with no diagnosis, they would do nothing.It took an incredible effort to get there. My two cents - trust your gut - if you think something is really wrong follow up. It's difficult what to tell is developmental and what isn't so best to watch other children, gather info, and go with the maternal instinct. hope all goes well with you
Since your son moves around holding to furniture and goes up and down the stairs, I would not worry about anything serious. My son walked when he was 19 months old. He was a fat baby and very cautious. He's 9 years old now and still very cautious. It would be good to get a second opinion from another pediatrician just to put your mind at ease. As for the time frame between cruising and walking, it varies from child to child. anina

14-month-old shows little interest in walking

March 2004

My 14-month old son shows very little interest in walking. He stands on his own quite well and can balance himself as he swings his arms around (''dancing''), and he ''walks'' holding onto the couch or coffee table. He takes a few independent steps now and then but mostly it seems as if these are just taken as he is in the process of falling down (hard to describe, but hopefully you know what I mean). I try hard not to compare my son to other children I see, but I'm starting to get nervous that his walking is so delayed. He is not around other kids much as he is cared for by a nanny, so maybe he just doesn't get it that he's supposed to be walking by now?! Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated.

our now 3 year old took his first steps at 14 months, then didn't walk again until 15 1/2 months--then he took off and has been walking, running, climbing, etc. He is a bit behind in jumping, and throwing balls but otherwise seems the same as other kids his age. I wouldn't worry yet. mama
Don't worry. My daughter didn't walk until she was 18 months old. I couldn't help but wonder when she would walk when most of her friends were cruising around 12-14 months but each child will walk in their own time. Relax while you can. Life sure changes when they start walking.

For what it's worth, my daughter was extremely verbal and her pediatrician said that children can usually only process language or movement at one time. It can take a while to be able to do them both at the same time.

Both of my kids started walking at or just after 15 months. The now 15 mo. old seems to be practically running, after walking for two weeks...yours is in the normal range. My older one is completely on target physically after a late start. sally
Both of my children were late walkers - 15 and 16 months. So I say a) don't worry, and b) encourage your child by not always picking them up and/or getting what they want so they have more incentive. By all means, speak with your doctor if your concerns continue... Beth
My first son didn't walk until 14 months. My second didn't start walking until almost 19 mos. He could bear weight on his legs, and was crawling, but didn't seem to want to walk. Our pediatrician wasn't concerned. Check with your pediatrician. It sounds like he's just on the verge of walking. We are now CHASING our second who is 23 months. Amy
My son was just like this at 14 months, but started walking pretty regularly at 15 months. He was in daycare and I know his daycare teacher (a truly wonderful woman) worked with him some on this. He also started crawling late, perhaps because he was a really fat baby. (They say you can't overfeed breastfed children, but I found out that this is just not so.)

Anyway, for whatever reason at about 15 months he seemed to decide that walking was the best way to get around and he has been doing it ever since. So don't despair. BTW, he does have very good eye-hand coordination, which is supposed to be a benefit of late crawling. This makes him good at both throwing, catching, and hitting in little league baseball. Dianna

I used to come home from the playground with my fifteen-month-old son and cry, because he would just crawl around in the sand while other kids toddled, walked, and ran circles around him. I thought he was impaired in some way. But at seventeen months he started to walk, and now he walks, runs, bikes, climbs, etc. with the best of them. Not to worry -- he'll get with the program soon. mother of a former slug
I wouldn't worry about your son's walking yet. It it not technically delayed--the range for starting to walk goes much higher than 14 months. Neither of my children walked until after 17 months, and they are perfectly normal. They had plenty of role models too, in our playgroups, and paid no attention whatsoever to them. They just walked when they wanted to. It did make me worry at the time but in the end was a good experience. Now I worry very little about milestones since things vary so much from kid to kid.

What our doctor told us was that if they don't make any progress at all in the 3 months between our appointments, then the doctor would take a closer look. Ours always did make progress--standing, cruising, better balance each time, squatting, etc. If you look at it that way you'll probably notice that your son is doing more all the time. Lisa

14 months is way too early to be worried about ''delayed'' walking--it's well within the average range, and your son sounds like he's getting very close to walking. My 2-1/2-year-old didn't walk until 15 months, and he's totally fine and normal and runs around like all the other kids. One of his friends didn't walk until 16 months, and he's also a normal active toddler. Really, don't worry, your son will walk soon. Nomi
When my daughter was 12 months old she was doing exactly what your son is doing now, ''walking'' by holding on to furniature, balancing and taking a couple of steps before falling. By the time she was 13 months, she was still cruzing and crawling but ws also taking more steps before falling, getting back up and trying again. Eventually by the middle of the month she started taking more and more steps till at one point she was walking more than cruzing or crawling. In other words, it sounds like your son will probably start walking real soon! I wouldn't worry if I were you. What he is now trying to do all sounds like normal prewalking behavior. Every child is different in how quickly they develop different skills. Eventually they all even out. Maybe you should try giving your pediatrician a call and just ask them. I'm sure they will probably tell you not to worry. Laurey
My daughter did not start walking until she was 16 months old. What I have read is that the average age is 13 to 15 months. Since your child is cruising, he is right on track. Joan
Don't worry; count your blessings. My girl didn't walk until late 15 months, and by then she was saying 50 words. They're all just really, really different. Heidi
Don't worry - there is a huge ''normal'' range for the age when kids become walkers. Everything I read suggested that WHEN they begin within this huge time window is pretty unimportant. They are going through so many huge developmental changes all at once, some take priority over others at different points in time. My daughter didn't take any independent steps at all until 15 months, and didn't walk regularly until 17 months. Once she started walking regularly she was a great sturdy walker. You've got a few more weeks of babyhood - drink them in. Toddlerhood will be here before you know it. Kathleen
Oh how I know how that is! I may have even posted about it when my son was 14 months. He didn't walk until he was 17 months (he also didn't crawl until 12 months). I compared him to other kids, I still do, actually, I think it's completely natural and you just can't help yourself. He stood and ''cruised'' for a good 6 weeks before he even dared to let go of the couch, and even then it took a GREAT deal of coaxing and celebrating on behalf of my husband and myself to get him to walk by himself. We would make a game out of it, we'd sit at opposite ends of the room and send him back and forth between us, whenever he reached the other side we'd cheer and clap very enthusiastically. He loved it and wanted to do it all the time. Eventually he just gained more courage and that was all he needed. Now, of course, I wish he would sit down a little more often Been there
My daughter didn't walk until a few days before she was 15 months old. I wouldn't consider not walking at 14 months ''so delayed'' -- my pediatrician wasn't at all worried. Like your child, mine showed no interest at all, stood up but wouldn't take steps, until the day she started walking ... then she got up and walked *all over* the huge room we were in (daddy brought her to visit me at work). That first day, she was suddenly walking, turning, looking around and walking back where she came from. (Mine is also an only child, for what it's worth.)
Children are all so different and develop at their own pace. My second son did not start walking until he was 16 months old. When we can accept them for who they are it is a beautiful thing! Keep up the good work! Grateful for their difference