Child Abuse

Archived Responses: 

Abusive Caretaker

(Feb 1999)

I'm writing to the person who wanted advice about a charge of sexual abuse levelled at their day care provider. I can understand your feelings of disbelief and that it can't be true. It's unfortunate that we as adults sometimes in wanting to believe that nice people or people whom we consider to be good people are not capable of such a thing. Your child's welfare should come first. Don't accept the providers response that it's just not true. It is a fact that most child sexual abuse is committed by someone they trust and not someone lurking behind a bush. I know, it happened to me and my daughter. Part of what they call a sex offender's profile is gaining access through trust. My advice is take this extremely seriously and take your child elsewhere. If it turns out that this is a false accusation , that's great. But it's more likely that it is true and then what are you exposing your child to?