Becoming a Lactation Consultant

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May 2008

Hello Everyone I just completed a CLC training and I'm interested in finding a job in the Lactation consulting field. I notice the most hospitals require that their lactation consultants be RN's and I'm a MSW. Does anyone know of any programs or hospitals that would hire a CLC that is not a RN? Also, I am looking for an IBCLC mentor. If anyone is interested or can recommend an IBCLC, please let me know. Thank you. Tara

Try Day One in Walnut Creek. They are opening in June, and need lactation consultants. Day One offers support for parents and newborns (up to 1 year) - lactation support, pre and post-natal education, support groups, etc. You can check out their site online, there is already a Day One in Palo Alto. Jen B

Feb 2005

Hi. I'm hoping someone out there can advise me on how to become a certified lactation consultant. I understand that one must take a course with a minimum number of hourse (43?) and then an exam, and you must have 1500 contact hours if you already hold a BA, so far the only courses I have come across are outside of the Bay Area (UCSD, Seattle School of Midwifery). Can anyone advise me on how to start down this path in the Berkeley/Oakland area? Thanks.

La Leche League International is a great resource for becoming a lactatin consultant. You can start by looking at their site: Also, a LLL conference is coming up in Sacramento from October 7-9. It is the perfect place to take courses for continuing education credit, get info and meet others in the field. feel free to contact me for more info. Melissa

I can't advise you directly- but have a suggested resource. I moved to the South Bay before delivery of our first child and we delivered at Good Sam Hospital. They have an excellent breastfeeding support center with free group meetings adn phone consultations which have been extremely helpful. They have a LC- in training there alongside a few IBCLCs. You might call them for information, they've been very helpful to me as a new mom. 408-559-BABY BF mommy

There's a training for a lactation educator in walnut creek in april not for an educator, though... ucla extension kim