Commuting between the East Bay & the North Bay

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Commute from Berkeley Hills to Martinez

Oct 2013

Hi We are considering a move to Berkeley Hills, say about where it hits Solano Ave. What would be the average morning and evening commute from there to Martinez? Thanks anon

I commute from near the Grand Lake Theater to Center Street in Mtz, leaving at about 8 am and it takes me about 30-35 mins. Coming home is longer... Fellow Commuter

If you go to, you can find driving times for current trips and also during any specific time. The driving time feature is at the bottom of the left-hand column. You can pick the time that you want, and it will give you the time of your trip for up to 3 alternate routes. Note that it will only be from freeway interchange to freeway interchange, so you'll have to figure out the time it takes you to get to and from the freeway on each end. Google maps will give you similar information, and it will provide it for the entire trip. If you want to find out the time during the commute period, though, you'll need to do it then--it doesn't let you choose the time of your trip. --Former 511 PM

I live in South Berkeley and commute to Martinez via Hwy 24 and 680, which takes anywhere from 40 to 60 minutes. Occasionally I make the trip to Martinez from North Berkeley, getting on at University Avenue or Gilman. It is a reverse commute, north on 80 and east on Hwy 4. It can take 30 to 45 minutes, and the drive out Hwy 4 is beautiful, rolling hills and usually pretty light traffic. The drive south back down 80 can be a little more congested, but still not too bad. Reverse commuter

It's a reverse commute, which is good (though no commute is good in the Bay Area). I'd guess about 30 minutes. Jasmine

Vallejo to Berkeley commute

March 2008

I am trying to find a carpool for vallejo to berkeley(alta bates). Does anyone know of any?

Did you check rideshare? google it- 511 something. anon

Have you tried There are coarpool, van pool, and casual carpool resources there. R.K.

Commuting to Vacaville from Berkeley

Nov 2003

Does anyone have any experience with commuting to Vacaville from Berkeley during regular business hours (8am-5pm). Are there better times then others? What's the Fairfield to Vacaville leg of the trip like? How long will it take (both directions)? Thanks for your help/suggestions. Leslie

I commute twice a month from Oakland (off 580 near Park Blvd) to Vacaville. I leave about 7:30am and it takes about an hour. The traffic flows well and slows at times but generally is ok. Although, it is a long drive, about 55 miles. I go home a different way so can't comment on the traffic in the afternoon. anon

Evening commute (starting as early as 3 or 4) is miserable! It can take up to 2 hours from Berkeley to Vacaville whereas mid day it only takes 50 minute or so. Fairfield to Vacaville is not so bad but getting into Fairfield at the 680 merge is a crazy backup. If youre closer to the Claremont part of town, 24 to 680 is easier than battling Berkely city traffic at any hour. Not too familiar with current morning commute trends. Happy commuting! I recommend books on tape

I travel to vacaville several times a month on business from Oakland. I leave oakland between 7:30 and 9:00 am and return around 4:00. It takes about an hour. It's a farily pleasant drive (compared to trying to get to san jose at the same time of day). The traffic issues are near Berekeley and Oakland. I take HWYs 24 to 680 to 80. In the fairfield /vacaville area you'll be traveling reverse commute (if your traveling from Vacaville in the afternoon to berkeley). The real traffic headache is heading TO vacaville after 2:00 pm on 680 or 80. Then you hit bad traffic. Also traveling from Vacaville to Berkeley on Saturady or sunday - HWY 80 near Vacaville and farifield is grindlocked.