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Becoming a contract bookkeeper

Sept 2004

Hello, I want to re-enter the working world as a contract bookkeeper for small business. I plan on doing the work from home and delivering financials, etc. to my customer. The problem is that I have been out of the field for so long that I don't know how to price myself, how to market myself, how to find clients, etc. Anyone have ideas? thanks in advance
hope to be busy bookkeeping

I became a self-employed bookkeeper 4.5 years ago. I love it! First, it is not easy to find clients (although nearly every small business needs a bookkeeper, even if they don't know it!) I have applied to hundreds of job postings and I currently have 6 businesses.

Second, most business will not want you to do the work at home. They need the files and access to the computerized records when you are not avaiable.

Third, bookkeeping is very under rated. I charge $30.00 per hour. Most don't want to pay more then $15.00 (that's what I have to pay my sitter!).

Lastly, Good Luck! Starting my own business is the best thing I have ever done (besides my three beautiful children, of course)! Katherine