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Nov 2004

i'm looking into studying chinese medicine and wondering about actcm, as well as Academy of Chinese Culture and Health Sciences.... any thoughts/experiences with either of these schools? thanks

I once taught, believe it or not, research methods classes at both ACTCM and ACCHS. This was something they were required to offer, as both of them offered master's degrees -- itself a plus in the field of Chinese medicine.

Of the two, ACTCM was probably a little more well funded and professional seeming (ie. they were actually, as an institution, doing their own research project into the effects of certain types of acupuncture treatments). However, I thoroughly enjoyed working for both institutions. Both the teachers and the students there really seemed to care deeply about what they were doing -- and in both places, I was always treated with deep respect, as a professional, which I enjoyed, because I was a graduate student at the time.

It has been several years, so things may have changed at either place, but just thought I'd offer my two cents. Karen

I was a student at ACTCM for about a year, almost 6 years ago. I honestly can't recommend it. I was disappointed by the quality of education and the disorganization of the staff. However, students who graduate do pass the boards and practice acupuncture. Many other students were disappointed in the school as well and saw it as an ends to a means. Feel free to email me directly for more specific information. I can also connect you with more current and former students. amy