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Confused about teen work permits

Jan 2012

I'm confused about work permits for teenagers. My daughter wants a summer job and was told by one prospective place that she should get a work permit now because they take a long time to get. Somebody else told me that teens can't get work a work permit until they have an actual job lined up since each work permit is issued for a specific job. Also, we live in Oakland but my daughter goes to a private high school. Does she have to go through OUSD to get a work permit? I'd love to hear from folks who understand this. Thanks! - can't wait for kids to earn their own money!

Work permits are a very difficult thing and both the summer job and your somebody else are correct. As an employer of teens for the summer it can be VERY difficult and the school districts don't make it easy if the teen isn't hired before school ends.

I would recommend you send your teen to the school office to get the paperwork started on the work permit. They will get a piece of paper that they will need to fill out, along with a parent, and where they will be working. Then it will need to be turned back into the office for approval; then the teen will get the work permit that they will turn into the employer. This process can easily take 1-3 weeks, therefore if the school office is closed and it has to be done at the district office during the summer it can take longer and be much harder to obtain. The school can authorize the teen to work 20 hours per week while school is in session and then 40 hours per week when school is out of session. That way the work permit is ready to go for summer employment. I know it sounds counter intuitive, but it's WAY easier to get the work permit now than just before they start work. Good luck!

My 16 year old daughter got a job at a local golf course over summer and if I remember correctly: She picked up the work permit from school (our district carries them during the summer when school is closed). You, the parents must sign, the possibly employer must fill out and sign and then the school must sign. And everyone gets a completed copy. Good luck! Candace