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    My daughter is being homeschooled because of a health condition which makes her unable to attend a full or even partial day in traditional high school. She's funny, engaging, artistic, well read, up on things, but home and is pretty isolated.  Are there outings or small get-togethers for homeschooled teens? We're looking to create a small social circle for her now that she's "out of the loop". Thanks for your ideas.

    Hi, I'm the teen librarian at Berkeley Public Library North Branch. We have regularly scheduled events for teens that might be fun for your daughter to join. On Wednesdays we have Teens Make Some Thing! at 230pm where we do some sort of creative craft or maker project, and on Thursdays we have Game On! at 3:30pm where we have teens come to play video games (often Super Smash Brothers 8 player) and board and card games. Your daughter is welcome to join us - I've met several home school students who do hang out at the library, as well. If your daughter prefers a good noisy time, join us for games, if she'd prefer something a bit calmer, our crafts program is fun and friendly. Each program is an hour, and anyone is welcome in the middle school to high school age range. :) 

    We also have special programs on occasion, so be sure to check the library's calendar for those upcoming events. 

    I have been a member of a private social network for a few years. It changed it's name from the parent name, Sgrouples, to the present name, www. mewe.com/

    This would be ideal for teens because this network has group chat and private chat, and postings from whomever are the owners or contacts within a private group that anyone can start.  please go to this site and check it out for yourself. Please mention my name, Suzanne Cerny that I have recommended you. I have a site and you are welcome to see it, but it has political content so your teen wouldn't necessarily want to be a part of my site in the beginning. You would have to start your own. Once you and your teen learn how to navigate in this site, it could be very popular with teens everywhere. I'm hoping that there is not an age restriction.

    Take a look on Meetup.

    Go on Yahoo and look up the SF Bay Area Unschoolers. I believe there is a specific group for homeschoolers as well. There are get togethers and in general people who will chime in about activities and provide insights. Definitely some teens in the mix. Good luck!

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Get-togethers with German-speaking teen girls?

Jan 2012

We are a german family with four kids, and we moved to Castro Valley a year ago. My daughter (13 in june) has met a lot of nice girls, but she is searching for someone who speaks her language.. So are there any german girls, approximately her age (11-14) in the CV, Hayward, San Leandro, Oakland, Pleasanton, Dublin... area? She likes horses, reading, crafting with beads, animals. Please send me an email, if you have a girl at her age or know somebody who has. Greetings, Tina

Is there a way for you to be affiliated with the German school in Menlo Park somehow ? Just a thought. hope this helps
A friend of mine teaches and organizes German-language classes and activities in Castro Valley and San Ramon Valley. It's all quite active and lively. Check out the class schedule and get involved with this community! http://www.sanramonvalleygermanschool.com/class-description---children-and-adults-2 Lauren
Hi, You might want to try the San Ramon Valley German School. That's where my daughter goes and she really enjoys it. The students who attend are both native German speakers as well as English-speaking students learning the language.