Sex Education

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Nov 1999

I agree with Louise on sex education: after a year of it in 5th grade and another year at Willard, sex education again at BHS is more a target for jokes than a way to get them some useful info. I really like Louise's idea of instead teaching personal finance for the Social Living requirement and would like to also suggest a quick week or 2 of Survival Cooking and maybe Survival Housekeeping. I know we should all be teaching these things at home (that goes for finance and sex too) but in just a couple of years our children will be expected to feed, clothe, and house themselves, and I am not so sure they have the basic skills.

I would like to second the opinion that students should be taught in a structured way about handling personal finances. I think the topic should be introduced in Jr. High, and then really hammered home sometime during Jr. or Sr. year in high school. One cannot count on parents doing the job.

For example, how many students graduating from high school recognize the value of buying a home? How many know how to finance a home, and what the tax benefits are? My parents were always renters, and I was 32 years old and training to become a real estate agent before I found out why it's a good idea to aim toward home ownership!

There should be a course, Life 101, to teach these essentials.