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  • Advice or suggestions for a 4yr old diagnosed with Mononucleosis

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    I took my 4 yr old to the doctor because she just didn't seem to be recovering from a virus.  He diagnosed her with mono based on her symptoms; headache, tired, sore mouth, and general unwell feeling. He took a quick strep test which was negative. She also had conjunctivitis (red, irritated eyeball) in her left eye but he thought that was unrelated and she might have another virus too. Later in the day she broke out in hives. I called the doctor and he suggested giving her Benadryl.  Anyone else have a young child diagnosed with mono? Any advice?

    My 5yrs old had pretty much same symptoms two months ago, conjunctivitis, ear Infection, upper respiratory infection and the hives, very very tired I rushed her to the ER Dr prescribed antibiotics and drops for her eyes, Benadryl as well . Let her sleep in that would help and maintain her hydrated, try to keep her at home and avoid crowds, play dates and park. It took two weeks for my little one to recover.

    That seems like an extraordinary diagnosis for a 4 yr old without a blood test.  My son, 10, had similar symptoms including being so tired he couldn't get up.  The dr. said it wasn't "unheard of" for a 10 yr old to get mono but it was on the young side, and younger than 8 was extremely rare.  He ordered a blood test which thankfully came back negative, and also did complete blood work, which can also show indications.  I would ask for the blood work before accepting such a potentially serious diagnosis.  Good luck

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Mono and immune system help for college freshman

Feb 2009

my daughter is a freshman in college on the east coast - she is doing well in many ways but has had one cold after another and a fever on and of for the last week. a blood test at the health center today revealed that she has mono. Any advice with mono in particular and/or immune system strengthening protocol, herbs, supplements, etc...

I'm so sorry about your daughter. I don't have any advice for you about strengthening her immune system but I wanted to reassure you that freshmen with mono must be really common for some reason. My son's roommate in his freshman year at U.Arizona was out for most of one semester with mono, mostly languishing in bed in their dorm room with the lights out, and my niece in Florida spent a couple of months of her freshman year in bed with mono. I guess there are just lots of kids with lots of germs packed in together and trying to be self-sufficient for the first time. I hope your daughter gets well soon! G.
My 16 year old daughter was diagnosed with Mono 2 months ago. Many people told us to kiss her Junior Year spring semester goodbye (as she wouldn't be kissing anything else!)because she'd be so fatigued. I went online to look for immune boosting products and found two that we used. The first is MONOCLR (MONOCLR.COM) which is an Ionic Silver Throat Spray. The other is a product called GlandNurse for Mono. ( It's an herbal formula. She got on them right away and those, plus a lot of rest, early bedtimes, a good multivitamin, Dandelion tea for her liver, good diet etc. all helped her recover a lot faster than we'd imagined. Two months after her diagnosis she's not 100% as she still fatigues if she stays up late, but she's dancing 8 hours a week. I wish you and your daughter well. I think rest is one of the most essential remedies for Mono. Good luck. Been there
I had a different disease (Ross River Virus) which left me exhausted for ten months. I found acupuncture helpful - there was a significant effect after four or five sessions. I think the hardest part is dealing with the disappointment and frustration that comes from not being able to do anything. Also, when you begin to get better, the tendency is to rush off and try to do everything that you didn't get done, and burning out. Dealing with something like this is a huge life lesson - if you can look at it that way. Fiona