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  • Meditation group/class for teens?

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    I'm looking for meditation / mindfulness class options for my BHS sophomore son. The most recent posts in the archives are 6 years old. Any current recommendations? 

    Try the Berkeley TM center; contact them at berkeley [at]  I learned when I was a senior in HS, and they teach and support all ages.

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Teen Meditation?

May 2013

Does anyone know of a teen meditation class or group within easy driving distance of Berkeley? I did a google search but didn't find anything except at Spirit Rock, which is too far away. Jennifer

I recommend Kate Janke. She teaches meditation to teens in groups or individually at a space on Alcatraz near Adeline. She's fabulous! She's teaching my 15 year old son mindfulness and relaxation. I sat in on one lesson (by her invitation and with my son's permission), and found her to be an excellent teacher with wonderful, calming energy. Kate's number is: (510) 684-0364. She's currently out of town, but if you can wait a week or two, she's a great teacher. Ondi

My son is participating in a teen yoga program led by Kelly Shannon in Berkeley. The group meets once a week for an hour and a half on MLK near Dwight. My son was not that enthusiastic before he started, but has really gotten engaged by the small group and Kelly. He's even practicing at home by himself! You can check her Facebook page ( ) to see if she has other groups starting, or to contact her directly. aspiring to mindfulness in the home...

Try White Magnolia Tai Chi. It is a smaller school on the Kensington/Berkeley border near the Colusa circle. It has a range of classes as well as private lessons. The head instructor is wonderful! I have been a student there for almost 3 years and have had great experiences with all of the classes and instructors. Check it out at Jenna

Have you looked into the East Bay Meditation Center? ( They have a variety of weekly meditation sessions and teachings. It's all donation based. I believe they are very close to the 19th St. BART station. I'm not sure of they have anything specifically for teens, but it's a comfortable atmosphere that I think your child could adapt to. And they may be able to give you other leads. Jesse

Mindfulness practioner for teens and family

May 2012

We would appreciate recommendations for a mindfulness practioner to work with our family of 4, including two daughters 16 and 19, over the summer. We would all benefit and want work together on being more mindful. Signed: Family that wants to make the most of our summer

I have a wonderful mindfulness practitioner I highly recommend. David Weinberg,based in Berkeley, is a fantastic teacher, mentor and person. He teaches Mindfulness Meditation to group classes and individuals through his business, StressCare.

I have participated in four of his courses and can't recommend him highly enough. David is wise, funny, full of compassion and very experienced at both practicing and teaching Mindfulness. You can learn more from his website: or Phone: (510) 540-8928

Sounds like a wonderful family idea! anon

I highly recommend Denise Bergez. She has led meditation groups for many years and has trained in mindfulness-based stress reduction. She has helped me personally develop a regular meditation practice that has brought great benefits-- and I had no prior experience with mindfulness. She can be reached at berjazz [at] What a great family project! Best of luck to you. Emma

Effective and comfortable meditation for 15 year old?

May 2012

We're looking for an effective and comfortable way for our 15-yr old grandson (who just moved in with us) to learn meditation. He has ADD and meditation has been recommended for him. The Inward Bound Meditation Education camp was listed a couple of weeks ago in this newsletter. Has anyone had any experience with it? There's a session in Northern California in June. Any other ideas for exposing him to meditation effectively? Thank you.

No experience with IBME, but my son and several other teens from the East Bay make it over to the current teen meditation Spring session each Sunday night at Spirit Rock. They seem to find it interesting, supportive and mood changing. A.

Meditation Group for out of town monthly visiting Teen

Feb 2007

Looking for a teen meditation group for my 14 yr old daughter who visits us monthly. She would like to meet peers in this area to build friendships. Something more to look forward to than visiting family. Samantha

the buddhist peace fellowship has a teen program, check it out at

also, i belong to the berkeley zen center at 1931 Russell, near the ashby bart station. we have regular meditation instruction and daily meditation; we have a few young people in our community, including one high school student. laurie

Spirit Rock has a meditation program for teens, I know they have classes and groups in Berkeley. Look at their website