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Kids and the Law: an A-Z guide for Parents

Jan 2009

Hi there, I am wondering if you would post this very informative document to the Parents of Teens. It gives all us parents and Teens the info.they need to know about the Law. I went to a Berkeley High School parent education event where a former Public Defender in Contra Costa County spoke about all these issues and she referred all parents to this document. Anyway, I think it would be a great resource for parents and kids. Thanks Donna

Kids and the Law at the website for the State Bar of California.

This is a 16-page A-Z Guide for Parents in PDF format about such issues as:

  • curfews
  • drugs and alcohol
  • children's privacy
  • driving
  • crime

How to find out about laws that affect teens?

March 2006

I am looking for a teen-friendly class for my 15 year old on all the laws that ''govern'' teen behavior (curfews, tobacco, alcohol/marijuana possession, etc.), and what actually happens if they get caught violating those laws. We're doing our parenting thing, but he really wants to operate in the ''real'' world, and I think he might embrace his rights/responsibilities more if he learned about them from someone with experience/expertise.(I'd like to take a parent version of the class, too, so I know the laws!) Thanks. concerned parent

The California State Bar publishes a summary of California laws that affect teens. Ask your high school counselor or government teacher for a copy, or call the state bar in San Francisco. (415) 982-1600. anonymous