Teens' Inappropriate Clothing

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19-year-old daughter's jeans are too revealing

Jan 2011

My 19 year old daughter is overweight and wears her pants just below her stomache as she claims otherwise she would have to buy them too big and baggy.I can not count how many times I have seen part of her behind as she is getting out of a car ,or raising her arms,as well as other simple movements. She wears a belt but it does not help the situation.When I mention it to her she gets furious and says no one sees anything but me.I know this can not be true.Has any one else dealt with this? anonymous

Your daughter is an adult. If she chooses to dress that way, it is her own business. You may find it objectionable, but I suspect you are making too big a deal out of this, and it is hurting your relationship with her. Save your criticism for big, important things. Signed, My kid has always dressed herself

Try taking her to Urban Outfitters. Jeans are expensive, but there are several higher-wasted styles that are attractive on curvy girls. mom of curvy girl

I would just let her wear them and make no more comments. If others see her tush, let them tell her or not. You did your parental duty and informed her and she heard you and responded age appropriately (peeved) Cathy

1)Take a few pictures with your cell phone and send/text them to her phone.

2)Buy her some ''super cute'' long t-shirts or tunics. (Your definition of cute and hers are different, so take her shopping with you.)

3)Invite her to go on a long walk with you several nights a week. (If she agrees to go, she will be listening to her ipod not you so don't get excited. That's not what the walk is for.) Pam