Cookbook for college student

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Sept. 2002

Can anyone recommend a good basic cookbook for a college student whose budget will not allow much eating out? My son cooks a little, but his roommates not at all. I read about one several years ago written by a college student for college students but can't remember the name. He doesn't find much he wants to make from sources like Fanny Farmer or Joy of Cooking. We plan to send family favorite recipes with him also. Ela

Regarding a good basic cookbook: Elaine Corn, Now You're Cooking (published by Jay Harlow & Elaine Ratner, Berkeley parents of a teen) -- harzim

My 14-year old likes Clueless in the Kitchen, A Cookbook for Teens, by Evelyn Raab, in paperback. It has humor, simple recipes and enough instructions for non-cooks, like how to cut up a chicken. Lots of teen foods. I myself learned to cook from Sunset's Basics for Good Cooking, which I still use. Good recipes plus all the basics.