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My 16 year-old son wants to be circumcised

Jan 2007

My 16 year-old son wants to be circumcised. He feels that it is abnormal to not be circumcised. But, more importantly, his sex ed classes at school have apparently told the kids that it is much safer/healthier to be circumcised. How safe is a circumcision for a 16 year-old? Is there really any advantage? Thanks for any info.

Our son was circumcised around 15 years of age. He did it in conjunction w/ a hernia repair that needed to be done. His foreskin was particularly tight so it made cleaning difficult and painful. It was painful after surgery, but in the end he felt it was worth it. My father was circumcised in his late 20's on entering the army in World War II, so my son had a family role model! We also celebrated it as a coming-of-age experience and gave him an Indian arrow with a flint arrowhead from a store on Solano Avenue. been there
My sister's stepson had a circumcision in his 20's so I do not think age is a factor. The stepson had the circumcision to solve a problem with painful erections. DF

Uncircumcised teen now wants circumcision

When my son was born I was told by my midwife that circumcision was not a medical necessity and that with the improved hygiene of our modern day lives that unless I wanted to do it for religious reasons, it wasn't necessary. Not wanting to put my newborn infant through any unnecessary pain, I opted not to do it. However, now my son is a teenager and wants to get circumcized to be like everybody else I guess. Has anyone else been through this and what did you do?
F.Ralph Berberich, MD, a pediatrician at the Pediatric Medical Group, in Berkeley, is also a mohel. A mohel is the person who performs circumcisions within the Jewish culture, observing various traditional ceremonial aspects of the procedure, as well as the physical ones.

He is well versed on all aspects of the subject, and helped us make an informed decision for our son. He might offer good advice for your family. His office phone number is 510-849-1744.

I have heard that Dr. Sumner Marshall (sp?) in Berkeley is an awesome urologist. Perhaps your son should talk with him about the pros and cons of being circumcised.