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Daylight Savings Time Bedtime Change for 1-year-old?

Oct 2007

Maybe I'm an idiot, but I looked in the archives and found it odd that I couldn't find this topic. So, we ''fall back'' on Nov. 4th. My 1 year old just settled into a nice predictable go down at 7:45, up at 7 routine. He is pretty tired when we put him down and the thought of keeping him up another hour is brutal, and might risk him getting so wired that he won't go down at all. I wouldn't mind putting him down early if that didn't mean he'd be up at 6 ready to go. What have other parents done? My thought is to start a few days early and push his entire schedule back by 15 minutes every few days. Please help! Terrified of the end of DST

Your idea is a good one (starting a few days early and adjusting bedtime by 15 minutes every day or few days.) Honestly, though, as the mom of two older kids (8 and 12), these things seem like a big deal, but they are not. You child will adjust within a day or two even if you don't start pushing back bedtime before.
When a the time changes in Nov. you will gain an hour that night so your child will go to bed at 7pm and wake at 6pm (what would have been 7pm before we ''fall back'') Alot of children seem to be tuned into the sun rising to set their wake time and it sounds like your child is the same. She will probably wake up at 6am about when the sun rises and then she will be ready for bed at 6pm-ish, twelve hours later. Since we get an extra hour the first night of the time change, I don't think you need to do anything in preparation for it. good luck
i was nervous with my first child as well. and guess what, mine just fell into the routine. i think because they are not just following the actual time but also the routine of life around them. you could try doing the 15 minute adjustment, it would probably work, but with two children, i am going to go with it since it seems like they figure it out on their own, but that is just my experience. anon