Respectful behavior at school

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Nov 2002

This request for recommendations is in response to a recent thread on the ''Advice'' digest regarding young girls being bullied at school. I think my question belongs more on this list, since I'd really like both some specific school names, and some suggestions for ''what works'' at these schools. While my daughter has not had the experience of being bullied at school, I am somewhat concerned that not enough emphasis is placed on helping kids learn to respect and treat each other well in her school. One of the people responding to the bullying thread mentioned: ''What also helped was moving my daughter to a school that believes children need to learn to treat each other with respect as well as learning academics''. I'd like some advice about where to find such a school (!) Anyone care to throw some school names into the hat? Any public schools? Private? If your child's school does this well, what do you think helps them do that? Other ideas or suggestions for increasing opportunities for my child to ''learn to treat others with respect''? All ideas and comments welcome. Thanks! Concerned Berkeley Mom

Off the top of my head I know that the Waldorf and Montessori philosophies include teaching respect.........not only for each other, but the environment, etc. For actual names, try East Bay Waldorf school in El Sobrante and Roots and Wings Montessori school, also in El Sobrante. good luck! ---lucia

My 5 year old attends John Muir Elementary School in Berkeley. They have a schoolwide ''Lifeskills'' curriculum that has received national recognition. (See John Muir School for the rest of this reviews.)