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OUSD kindergarten not a good fit--what to do now?!

Oct 2010

Our daughter is currently enrolled in kindergarten at a very ''desirable'' Oakland elementary school. It's been a month now and it's clear this program is not the best fit for our kid and our family. Long story short, we need to find a ''progressive school'' pronto. But what to do now--pull her from the program and homeschool for the year? Try to get her into a another Oakland school or a private kindergarten? Has anyone dealt with this issue before? What progressive schools should we be contacting? We could really use some advice. Thanks! Burned by OUSD school experience

Hello - Our daughter had a very bad experience in the beginning of her K year as well. We were in a private school, which made the decision to leave very difficult financially. We are SO GLAD we did it. We decided to move her mid-year and she has been happy ever since (6 years now). Yes, I think you should contact private schools if you know that is what you want to do. We asked around and found out that there was room to add a child in the K class of another private school - one that was a better fit. You will have to apply and your daughter will need to visit to be assessed. It is likely that there is a better school out there and it is worth making the move. If you feel that progressive education is likely to be a good fit, I strongly recommend that you check out Windrush School. Happy Windrush Parent

I am not sure which schools have openings, but I would definitely look quickly at Redwood Day School to see if they do. It is a WONDERFUL school and if they have space, I think they will add to Kindergarten classes until about Thanksgiving. Happy parent of 2

Before you make a big decision, I'd like to advise you to check and be sure that the problem is the whole school, and not just the teacher. We just about changed to a private school when my child had an exceptionally bad experience with a kindergarten teacher. We ended up staying, and I'm very glad we did. If I had known then what I know now, I'd have asked to have my child switched to a different teacher; it would have been a relatively simple solution to what seemed at the time to be an enormous problem. anonymous

I would like to recommend a small school located off Peidmont Avenue that offers exceptional hands on learning experiences from some of the best teachers in town. Archway School is more than a school, it's a community where kids go and LOVE to learn. The ''experiential learning'' that happens at the school provides children with opportunities to use their natural gifts and sense of exploration to master the basic subjects. The school is involved in service learning and community building as part of it cirriculum as well. The outstanding teachers all take a special interest in your child and are open and communicative on all levels, making themselves fully accessible to student and parent alike. Archway is a hidden gem in Oakland and we'd like you to check us out! lee