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Functional but stylish womens sun hat

March 2007

Looking for a wide-brimmed sun hat (for sun protection) - functional but stylish. Not ''Kentucky Derby'' or Sunday tea hat - nor super active woman. Looking for something in between but mostly neutral and functional - to take on a hike, walk, gardening while looking somewhat current. Thanks. in need of sun hat

I have a Wallaroo (Reversible Resort) sun hat that I get lots of compliments on. When I say a lot, I mean at least 1 person compliments it everytime I wear it. It is reversible too, with UPF 50. The only bad part is that I did not get it around here, I got it at SugarPine railstation near/in Yosesmite, but on the website there is a store locater button (with stores in Berkeley). Here is the link: Sun Out of My Eyes

what about: cPath=29_39_id=191=550b3f5f1fe520f3e243e047a607015b or cPath=29_28_id=88=550b3f5f1fe520f3e243e047a607015b i bought one of them at the ferry plaza building in sf at a store that mostly sells plants. they may also sell them at the gardener - not sure. i think they make hats that are style-y but not over the top. anon

try ''super longs'' -- they've had a great selection prior years. sun kissed

I highly recommend the sun hats from a company called Coolibar. They specialize in sun-protective clothing and have a wide selection of hats. They have mail-order catalog and a web site, I have one of their basic sun hats, and I love it. It is comfortable (there is an adjustable drawstring inside for a custom fit), pretty crush-proof, and it looks great. I get a lot of compliments on it, even though it is pretty basic.

Last Year Elephant Pharmacy on Shattuck at Cedar in Berkeley had some nice sun hats. anonymous

I just bought two hats at REI that sound like what you want - one is an outdoorsy canvas and mesh (not the floppy brim kind, but more sporty) and the other one is a lightweight straw hat that is nice looking enough that I can wear it with work clothes. I've also bought great hats in the past few years made by Santa Barbara Hat Co. They come in a great variety of colors and styles and look nice while being functional. I have seen these hats at East Bay Nursery, Sweet Dreams candy store and lots of other places too. Last year I also found a nice hat at Bancroft Clothing. And of course, don't forget Berkeley Hat on Telegraph. Good luck - Ginger

Try REI. (There's a store in Berkeley at Gilman and San Pablo.) They have a decent selection of practical sunhats. Andi

Hi, my favorite sun hats are from Watership Trading Companie ( Lots of hats to choose from in lots of styles and brim lengths. Good luck! Hat Wearer

Very pale 10 month old son will not keep his hat on

July 2004

My very pale 10 month old son will not keep his hat on. I lather him up with sunscreen every day (myself included). I would love it if I could find a hat that I could keep on his head. I have tried one with a velcro strap and a Flap Happy with elastic. Has anyone else ever fought this battle? What worked for you? Any special hat recommendations? Thanks.
pale mama and babe

We had the same problem, so what I did was remove the velcro strips on the hat's straps and put in snaps. I had access to a snap machine at work, but I think you can go to a shoe repair place and have them do it. It works! Elizabeth

I've run into that problem myself with hats and helmets (I have a 15 month old). I find that if I wear a hat and she sees me wear a hat, then she is more willing to wear hers. That doesn't mean that she doesn't take it off every now and again. But, generally it stays on... anon

The only hat I can keep on my little one is a Hanna Andersson sun hat that ties under the chin. He can get the velcro ones open and off, but not the ties. Good luck. dl