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When can I stop using the child safety door locks?

Oct 2005

Hi all - You know the child safety door locks on cars? At what age is it safe to unlock that? Our daughter is 7, in a booster seat in the rear passenger side of the car. The child safety door lock is on so she can't open the door from the inside. I'm not inclined to unlock it anytime soon, but was wondering at what point it would be safe to do so. We intend to keep her in a booster at least until she is 8 (she is quite petite). Thanks! Lori

I'm concerned about writing this (please remember this is only what our family did, so no flames), but we never used the child safety door locks. We are very safety conscious; however, our children could not get out of their car seat belts when young, and were taught- and cooperated- to not remove them when they were older. anon