Snoring during Pregnancy

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Nov 2004

With my pregnancy, I've developed a bad case of snoring (although I've gained in the normal weight range.) It's so bad that my husband, a light sleeper, has gotten in the habit of sleeping in another room most nights. I'm due shortly and am wondering if this will clear up after giving birth. I know my husband needs his rest, but I''m a little worried about the toll sleeping in separate rooms will take on our intimacy, sexual but also emotional. Has anyone else experienced something similar? Any advice on remedies for snoring? Thanks. Anon.

Yup, I snored with my first 2 pregnancies, and I'm snoring with my 3rd! (I'm 30 weeks pregnant). I, of course, am not aware that I'm snoring, but my hubby tells me...and also tells me I don't snore when I'm not pregnant. I don't know what you can do to stop it (except give birth!)--you could try those strips that stick to your nose; they're safe, but I don't know if they really work or not. Heidi
I had the same problem when I was pregnant too. I think the increased blood flow of pregnancy expanded my nasal passages and caused a vibrating- snoring sound. It went away after the birth. Judy
I snored so badly at the end of my pregnancy that I actually woke myself up! This is caused by the membranes in your nose swelling and it does go away as soon as the baby is born. In retrospect, I should have tried those nose strip things. I just used to sleep with my arm sort of pulling my nose apart to get more air. The end is near so hang in there! Former Snorer
I too developed a bad case of snoring during both of my pregancies. As a matter of fact, I became quite congested, particulary near the end. I remember reading somewhere that it has to do with an increase of fluid retention and mucous throughout the entire body. All I can say is that my hubby had to grin and bear it (a good pair of ear plugs works wonders!). Thankfully, once my babies were born the snoring went away, which will probably be the case with you too. Good luck! Lisa
I can't offer a remedy or a solution; simply sympathy. I too, became a world-champion snorer during pregnancy. My husband had a tough time of sleeping. I bought him a large supply of earplugs. I got them at Wal-greens, they're bright orange foam thingys and I bought the LARGE jar of them.

Don't waste your time with the strips that go across your nose....didn't work for me.

I gained about 40 pounds during the pregnancy and lost *almost* all of it rather quickly. There seemed to be a certain weight for me that once I get below it, my snoring stops. Don't worry, you won't be a permanent snorer. As far as your husband getting his rest?...well...I hope he has a good sense of humor because his days of rest are long gone! He'll be wishing for snore-filled nights again! ;-) snore-free

Snoring and making weird noises is EXTREMELY common during pregnancy. Pregnancy hormones lead to swollen nasal passages which for many women leads to snorning. I went through that during my last pregnancy and the snoring stopped after the baby was born (only to return this pregnancy). anon
I started snoring while pregnant (like you my weight gain was normal). In my case I was the last one to know. My kind husband never said a word about it until I fell asleep in front of the TV one night. I felt bad about missing the movie we were watching so I denied snoozing. That's when he broke the news. The snoring disappeared when my daughter was born and we laugh about it now. silent sleep
You might find some relief using Breathe Right Nasal Strips. They look like band- aids. You just stick one on your nose and it opens up your nasal passages enough to make breathing while congested noticeably easier. I had to use them throughout my entire first pregnancy due to constant nasal congestion. A day after the birth, things were back to normal. You can buy them at Longs in the cold and cough section. anon