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Afraid to Have Sex During Third Trimester

March 2006

My husband and I are expecting our second child. Our relationship is wonderful and our sex life is normally great - but within the last couple of weeks - just as I entered my third trimester - I am suddenly terrified to have intercourse. Our first child was early and my doctor at the time said it was likely because we had sex and then later learned that my cervix was totally effaced. My current doctor says everything is fine and I shouldn't worry - but I am. Am I crazy? anon

From what I understand it's the semen that acts as a labor inducer because my OB said that my husband and I should use a condom if I'm worried about pre-term labor. That said it might be just the idea that is making you nervous and, in that case, perhaps not having intercourse (but other kinds of sexual contact) would be more relaxing and pleasurable for you. Good luck! Anon
I just gave birth to my second child & with both children, my husband and I enjoyed a great sex life right up until I gave birth (2 weeks early with the first and several days late with the second). So, unless your doctor says ''no sex,'' I wouldn't worry about it. If you do decide to hold off on the sex until after the baby is born, my husband recommends that you continue to have some kind of sexual activity without intercourse for your husband's sake to prevent extra stress in your relationship (which, if your pregnancies are like mine, any less stress makes a BIG difference). anon